Variety is Great, Huawei is Here to Add Even More

Huawei may not be quite as well known here in the U.S. of A, but it’s actually one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world. The Chinese company wants to change that and make a name for itself as threat in the smartphone market as well. Its new skin for Android 4.0 devices, dubbed Emotion UI, was just unveiled today. Despite being only for Chinese users currently, it packs some pretty powerful features that would actually be nice to see here in the states, if for nothing more than more uniqueness between Android phoones.

Some differentiating features are:

  • Voice Assistant (Chinese Siri Competitor)
  • Huawei Cloud Access
  •  “Intelligent Contact Finder”
  • Scene Modes

Overall, Huawei wants to establish itself as a worldwide smartphone competitor. Its new Emotion UI just might be the trick to get that done. Bringing in even more cloud integration, another Siri competitor (even if it’s only Chinese) and scenes to fit your every emotion. Here’s to hoping we may see this everywhere very soon.


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