Verizon Wireless Announces Second Quarter 2012 Financial Results

Verizon Wireless released their second quarter 2012 financial report this morning and things are looking up and up for Big Red. The nation’s top carrier reports earnings of $0.64 per share, or a $1.83 billion profit on sales of $28.6 billion. Service revenues grew to more than 7.3 percent reaching $15.8 billion, which was helped by the declaration that 50 percent of all postpaid devices on Verizon are smartphones, . Data revenue was 43.6 percent, or $6.9 billion of total revenue which represents a growth of $1.1 billion from last year. Total revenue from the wireless division was $18.6 billion, up 7.4 percent from last year.

In total, Verizon Wireless added more than 1.2 million retail new customer additions, including 888,000 retail postpaid net customers with a churn level of just 0.84 percent. Verizon Wireless not totals 94.2 million total retail customers, 88.8 million total retail postpaid customers. Unfortunately, no breakdown was provided detailing smartphone sales and the percentage of Android sales among them.

Verizon Wireless also reports their LTE network now totals more than 230 million people across 337 markets covering more than 75 percent of the population. Verizon also highlighted the launch of their Share Everything plans on June 28th, offering customers shareable data for up to 10 Verizon Wireless devices.

Read the full report on Verizon’s website at the link below:



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