Verizon’s Galaxy S III Comes Complete With A Locked Bootloader

Judging by their previous taste in locking down phones, we’re pretty sure that Verizon isn’t a big fan of you hacking your phones and their version of the Galaxy S III reiterates that even more. Hackers and modders who have gained access to the phone before it hits shelves have discovered that the handset does indeed have a locked bootloader. This is a pretty big deal since Samsung phones have long attracted hackers because of their easy hacking ability and Odin feature to restore your phone back to normal. It’s a slim possibility that they need to use a different version of Odin for the phone but chances are that Verizon has locked it down as they’ve been known to do in the past. If you’re scared that the phone will never get rooted then don’t be. It just means that it will take longer and be a more complicated process than other phones with unlocked bootloaders. Is this a deal breaker for any of you looking at the Verizon Galaxy S III?

Android Central, XDA

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