Voice Search Development For Google Now On ICS (Sorry, Not Jelly Bean Voice Search)

When Google Now was first announced at Google I/O along with Google’s new operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Android users were quickly wondering when these new features could be used on their devices.  Here at DroidDog, we followed the development closely, reporting on many different Jelly Bean apps that could be used on ICS devices such as the new Google Play, Google Ears, the Jelly Bean keyboard and even a partially working Google Now for any ICS device.  What has never worked, and may never work, was the voice search capability of Google’s new Jelly Bean search.  Google now is fun to play with, but it really has felt less fun and lacking without the voice search functionality.  Now, XDA Senior Member Johny_G has made an app available in the Google Play Store available for users of the “Google Now for ICS Project” (this is what it’s known by on the XDA forums).  As can be seen from the image above, this isn’t the Jelly Bean voice search.  What it looks like to me is that Johny_G has gotten ICS voice search to work with Google Now.  I’m not saying this isn’t awesome, I’m just trying to not get your hopes up that this is an almost completely working Jelly Bean Google Now.  What it is though is an mostly functioning Google Now on ICS.  I’ve seen very few users reporting any problems with the app and most users are really enjoying the new functionality.  I haven’t seen any special install instructions, so if you’ve been able to get Google Now working on your ICS device (you do need to be rooted), this should be a no-brainer.  In the Google Play Store it states that “You can immediately start the voice recognition (without pressing the button) by holding down Search button for a while. Launcher shortcut is also available.”  It even will read your requests back to you like the Google Now voice search.  I have to put a disclaimer on here, previously when I’ve reported on Google Now, I’ve had this working on my Epic 4G Touch and was able to let you know how I felt about it.  Right now, my phone is being repaired, and am not able to try this out.  I have no idea what the voice sounds like that reads back to you.  I’m assuming it’s a voice that’s available to all ICS users and I doubt it’s the insanely real sounding voice that accompanies the Jelly Bean search.  Anyways, I’ve told you about how to get this functionality with your Google Now on your ICS device, now it’s your turn to try it out and let everyone know what it’s like.  Does it improve your experience?  Is Google Now more useful now?  Fill us in on your thoughts…

Voice Search for Google Now!

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