Nexus 7 Official Accessory Lineup Shown, Most Still Coming Soon

The Nexus 7 has quite possibly been one of the most popular Android tablets to date, selling out numerous times. However, accessories for it have been scarce. A couple of cases have popped up on Amazon. But nothing official has been released. Asus said there would be accessories like an audio dock and official cases but there is still nothing to be seen.

Until right now, we officially have some leaked photos of what the accessories will look like. Cases, docks and all are shown here. The dock looks like standard bar with a slot for the Nexus 7 to fit into with a 3.5mm headphone jack in the back. The cases are what we have already come to expect from Asus and their warning that they were on the way. Although, one difference is the two different versions, including a travel case and plain case. All of it is listed as “coming soon,” so don’t get moving just yet. They should show up soon.

Nordic Hardware via Droid-Life



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