Yet Another Rumor Says Amazon Ready To Make Its Own Smartphone

It’s time for round 213923490 for the “Amazon is making a smartphone” game as a new Bloomberg report says “people with knowledge of the matter” says a smartphone is waiting in the wings. Amazon’s future smartphone will run on Google’s Android operating system as more rumors say Amazon is seeking to:

 “Complement the smartphone strategy by acquiring patents that cover wireless technology and would help it defend against allegations of infringement.”

With the addition of the Kindle, a smartphone would give Amazon a broader range of lower-priced hardware to push its wide array of books, movies and music. There are no details on what the device could look like or more importantly, when it will arrive. For now, Amazon fans should keep their excitement down until we get a piece of information that amounts to something more than “people with knowledge of the matter.” Amazon has proven with the Kindle Fire that it has the infrastructure to support hardware, with its delivery services of media, but will anyone take a jump into Amazon hardware the moment it drops?

Bloomberg via Engadget

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