ZTE to Announce “Advanced Gaming Smartphones” Next Week

ZTE is another name that isn’t fairly common here in the states, despite being the fourth largest phone manufacturer. They may make a name for themselves quickly, though, if what they announce next week is as revolutionary as it sounds. ZTE claims to be unveiling “one of the most advanced gaming smartphones” next week. No rumors have been spread about what this could entail. Specifications or even mockups are no where to be found. However, to be an advanced gaming smartphone, one would think it would be a pretty powerful device.

This is breaking new ground for ZTE, who has only released mid-range devices here in the states. In addition, most of those have been released on prepaid  providers. This is territory that the world hasn’t seen takeoff too easily, though. Sony has attempted it with the Xperia Play, which failed. HTC is officially Playstation certified but no offerings have been announced yet. It’ll be interesting to see what ZTE can pull off here. Keep an eye out next week and we’ll have you posted on what ZTE is bringing to the table.

Android Central via ZTE

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