1-Click App Roots & Unlocks Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 3

Last night, we told you about XDA’s bootloader unlocking of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy 3.  Tonight, we bring you even better news: developers at RootzWiki have added an app to the Google Play Store which roots and unlocks the phone in one click.  As the description of VZW GS3 EZ-Unlock (Bootloader) states:  “It doesn’t get much easier than this people, open the app, press unlock, and you’re done! You’ll be able to use “non-kexec” AOSP roms in no time.”

Whether you use ADB or this VZW GS3 EZ-Unlock (Bootloader), be sure to read all instructions to make sure you’re aware of what will affect your phone’s warranty.



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