$25 Google Play Gift Card Purchased at Retailer and valid online at the Play Store

Hot on yesterday’s story of Google Play beginning to offer gift cards and wish lists, news has arrived courtesy of Android Police that a gift card has actually been purchased at a local Turnersville, NJ Target store by one of it’s team members. According to the team member, the cards themselves are just hanging out in bins next to the checkout registers waiting to be put up. Technically anyone shopping at the store can grab them from the pile and go ahead and purchase them (the Target system already allows it).

Unfortunately, the reader who provided the tip, confirmed that there doesn’t seem to be an NFC tag embedded on the gift card itself, so you can’t scan it with an NFC-enabled device and get it automatically added to your balance. According to sources at Target (that DroidDog has reached out to), the majority of stores do have these cards in stock, however Target hasn’t officially given the OK yet to set them up on the sales floor, so it may be more difficult to find them. Your best bet is to speak to a team member and see if you can obtain one if they are not visible at the check lanes.

Android Police has a run down on entering these gift cards to your account as well as images showcasing the process. Interestingly enough, it appears that the gift cards cannot be used to purchase any devices from the Play store at this time, so they remain a digital content only option. As more information becomes available, DroidDog will continue to keep you updated.


Android Police

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