Activision Anthology Pack Hits Google Play In A Whirlwind Of Retro Titles

Craving some old school gaming to kick off your Labor Day weekend? I’d like to introduce you to the Activision Anthology pack, a set of 45 of the best classic arcade games out there. All the classic favorites are there including Kaboom!, Pitfall!, and River Raid so you can get all nostalgic. Once downloaded, you get Kaboom! for free and then you have the option of buying four other game packs for $3 a piece or save yourself some money and buy the full collection for $7.

But wait, there’s more! Activision has also included leaderboards, achievements, full digital 3D art of the original game boxes and cartridges, and some helpful tips and tricks on how to beat the games from the creators themselves. Just pay separate shipping and handling! I kid, I kid. Nonetheless, this is an incredible collection of great games for a low price. If you’re feeling like reliving your childhood then follow the Play Store link below and get downloading.

Google Play Store

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