Amazon Appstore Ditches U.S. Exclusivity – Now Available In The UK, Germany, France, Italy, And Spain

In a move likely signaling an approaching launch of a new Kindle Fire in Europe, Amazon announced on Thursday it’s launching the Amazon Appstore for Android in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. We don’t know for sure that Amazon is planning to introduce the Kindle Fire internationally, but opening app stores abroad is a critical step toward that goal.

The appstore, which will go by a few different names depending on the country, will offer the same features U.S. customers have been familiar with, including the popular Free App of the Day, personalized recommendations, customer reviews and one-click payments. Some of the apps will also be localized for each market. The apps marketplace went online last year in the US. The Appstore is available today in all of the aforementioned countries. In Germany, France, and Italy it’s called “App-Shop,” in Spain it’s “Tienda Apps,” and it’s known as the “Appstore for Android” in the U.K. Get it at the link below.

The launch comes as Amazon’s competitors in the 7-inch tablet space begin to gain ground outside the US, with the launch of several Nook products from Barnes & Noble overseas and growing global attention towards the Nexus 7. Speculation is that Amazon will follow suit with their Kindle Fire, and a full-fledge storefront for apps and games is certainly a key component to their strategy. New Kindle and Kindle Fire models are expected to be unveiled next month.


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