Amazon Appstore Released In UK, Germany, France, Italy, And Spain

It was over a year ago that Amazon announced the Appstore would hit other countries. They claimed a summer release date, and they made it. And those who wanted it so bad (I wonder who still does) now have it in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. For Italy, France, and Germany, it will be called “App-Shop,” in Spain it’s “Tienda Apps,” and for the UK it’s “Appstore for Android.” Why all the different names?

If any of you are excited for the Appstore, hit the source link to download it. However, I personally don’t see much of a reason for it. Amazon’s media content might be great, but their app selection and method for installing and updating apps are lacking. That’s just me though. The Appstore definitely has its merits.

Amazon Appstore | Android Police

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