Analyst Predicts Android Will Gain Massive Market Share By End Of 2012

A new analytic report from DigiTimes researcher Luke Lin suggests the smartphone market will continue to be dominated by Android devices for the rest of 2012. It’s expected that Android will strengthen its lead to 70 percent throughout the next two quarters, an increase of 10 percent over the first half of the year. The shift can be attributed to a slew of upcoming devices at IFA, as well as lower-end smartphone manufacturers in Asia.

In terms of the competition, Windows Phone will see a massive increase in sales, with shipments pegged at 21 million units in 2012 – a growth of 100 percent over 2011. As expected, BlackBerry is projected to drop 40% in sales, while Symbian will continue to die out as it takes a massive 60% fall. Apple’s iPhone is shown as reaching 125 million total units sold, an increase from the 93 million sold the previous year.


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