Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Ported To Original Atrix 4G

The Atrix 4G was considered to be a groundbreaking device when it launched in early 2011. With its dual-core Tegra 2 processor and LapDock capabilities, it paved the way for the “superphones” of today.

Even though it initially launched with an outdated version of Froyo, a few recognized developers from XDA have managed to build a well-functioning CyanogenMod 10 ROM for the Atrix 4G. The developer claims most things are functioning properly and development is coming along smoothly. However, lacking is fingerprint-scanner support and video recording functionality.

  • Graphics hardware acceleration is not available due to lack of drivers from Motorola. To workaround this, I included an option to disable HW acceleration per app. This can help some apps, but can be worse for others, you need to try.
  • Video Camera – The bulting Video Camera app doesn’t work yet due to a problem with the video encoder. To workaround this, you can use applications available in the Play Store like Video Illusion.
  • Wireless tethering  is broken in CM10. You can use a third-party tethering app. Some users are reporting that bluetooth tethering is working.
  • Fingerprint reader is broken in Jelly Bean due to lack of compatible drivers. There’s no workaround.

Motorola has promised Atrix users an update to Ice Cream Sandwich which is slated to roll out within the next few months. In the meantime you can read all the information on the official thread over at XDA-developers.


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