Android Is Definitely Winning The OS “War”

Word has just come from Gartner, a top global research tech firm, that overall within the last quarter, Android has outsold iOS devices nearly 3-to-1 while capturing 64% of the worldwide market share. Gartner also reports that overall global sales for Q2 2012 dropped 2.3 percent compared to Q2 2011. These numbers however just further cements Android as THE top OS in the market while iOS continues to be a distant second. Samsung also was listed as being the top Android handset maker (no surprise there) accounting for 90 Million handset sales. Most interestingly, Apple continues to see these figures and it only seems to fuel their aggressive attack on Android and Samsung even more.

Simply, the world cannot deny Android’s dominance anymore. Even the most die-hard Apple fanboys cannot otherwise state that iOS is in second place now. Yes Android is WINNING.

Keep in mind that the report by Gartner looked at second quarter smartphone sales. The quarter ranges from April to June 2012, which admittedly was a high point for Android sales while iPhone purchases were starting to cool down in anticipation of a potential iPhone 5 launch this fall. With the Samsung Galaxy SIII launched internationally in late May, Samsung’s figures were dramatically improved by this one phone alone. These numbers however must make Google and Android partners extremely happy.

Gartner’s Q1 reports also dislay similar rankings where Samsung and Android are on top. In addition, Samsung has now overtaken Nokia as the top worldwide seller of mobile devices. In regards to market share, Android has been hovering around the mid-50% range with Apple having it’s second best quarter ever for iPhone sales with 33 Million units sold.

As the Gartner report shows, iPhone sales have been a bit off as of late. Apple CEO Tim Cook noted in the company’s last financial report that iPhone sales are falling victim to the iPhone 5 rumor mill. Consumers are simply not buying iPhones as much right now when it’s clear a new one is right around the corner. In fact iOS’ market share only improved minimally year-over-year.

As noted above, during Apple’s best iPhone quarter (Q1 of 2012), the company moved 33M iPhones — anmpressive feat considering there are only three models. However when looking at Android’s best quarter, 98 Million units are sold. This demonstrates there simply is no comparison. Going into the holiday season of this year, it’s expected the iPhone 5 will certainly light up the mobile landscape. Now it’s up to Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and LG to display their heavy hitters for the holiday season (Nexus flavored hopefully) which could amount for more units overall.


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