Apex Launcher Beta Now Built On Android 4.1.1 Launcher, “Smoother Than Ever”

If you’re a fan of Android launchers on Ice Cream Sandwich, you’ve no doubt heard about and have likely tried Apex Launcher. Perhaps you’ve tried its major rival, Nova Launcher — either way, there’s a pretty good chance many of you are running one of those two launchers. The good news for Apex is that it just got a lot better.

Apex has released Beta version 1.3.0 based on Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 code, bringing about a host of improvements, bug fixes and lots of “Jelly Bean Goodness.”

So what can you find in this new beta?

  • Rebuilt based on Android 4.1.1 Launcher, lots of JellyBean goodness
    • When placing widgets on the screen, everything else automatically moves to make room
    • When they are too big, widgets resize on their own to fit on the homescreen
    • Quickly remove apps/widgets by flinging them to the edge of the homescreen
    • Major performance boost for homescreen and drawer
    • New app enter/exit animations (JB only)
    • Switched to phone layout on 7″ tablets (e.g., Nexus 7)
    • Added background for widgets in the drawer
    • Fixed icon ordering bug within folders
  • Other improvements and bugfixes
    • Unlimited drawer tabs and new drawer management UI (pro)
    • Improved drawer tab switching for vertical drawers (pro)
    • Fixed Play Store widgets on JellyBean
    • Fixed paid theme (icon pack) issue on JellyBean
    • Lots of other improvements and enhancements
    • Updated translations

In fact, Apex has already released another beta since the release the previous beta on August 1st new based on Jelly Bean code with a bunch of fixes.

Grab the beta from XDA and take it for a spin, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

Phandroid via XDA-Developers

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