Gets First Android App With The Strange Name Of Hooha

If you haven’t heard about by now then I should probably fill you in before commencing with the brunt of this article. is a paid service that’s aiming to be a Twitter competitor and basically copied Twitter. Literally. If Apple can sue Samsung over copying their design then Twitter certainly has a case here.

Anyways, the first Android app for has been released and features an odd name choice of Hooha which is changed from the original name of Jive. The app gives users access to their own streams, mentions, and global post. Plenty of new features are on the way with hashtag support, pull-to-refresh, background updates, URL shortening, and search features. Unfortunately, costs $50/year and Alpha access is still very limited on an invite basis from the list of registered subscribers. Obviously, Hooha is going to be absolutely no use unless you have Alpha access but if you do have the credentials to use it then let us know how you like it in that designated area for comments below.


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