Apple And Samsung Fail To Reach Settlement, Leave Final Decision To Jurors

Samsung and Apple both rested their respective cases last week, leaving the weekend to prepare for their closing arguments. Once both sides have given their arguments, the jury will begin deliberating on the alleged patent violations, with a decision expected to be made in the following days.

Last week, Judge Koh remained “pathologically optimistic” and scheduled a third court-ordered meeting between the two sides to negotiate the spectrum of their alleged infringements. The intended outcome was to “narrow the scope of the claims at issue in the lawsuit in out-of-court talks.” However, both sides failed to reach a settlement or even slightly simplify matters for the seemingly overwhelmed jury.

Apple and Samsung executives provided the following joint statement:

“The parties have met and conferred about case narrowing, but have not been able to narrow their cases further,” according to a joint filing signed by attorneys on both sides. The filing didn’t refer to talks between the CEOs, Tim Cook at Apple and his counterpart at Samsung, Kwon Oh Hyun.

“I think it’s too late to hold out much hope that the parties will settle before the jury comes back,” said Mark Lemley, a Stanford law professor, after attorneys reported that negotiations had come to an end. “When there is a settlement — and there will be — it will be a global deal involving more than just this case.”

With both sides unable to reach a settlement, the case will continue as planned. Closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday, August 21st, subsequently leaving jurors to begin deliberations.



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