[Updated] Apple And Samsung Trial Verdict In, And The Winner Is…

Court officials have informed the press that the jury in the Apple vs. Samsung trial have decided on a verdict after just three days of deliberation. The situation is still developing so stay tuned as we bring you the latest. We’ll keep updating the post as news comes in so stay tuned!


Everyone is assembled and waiting for Judge Koh and the jury to arrive.

Judge Koh has entered the courtroom. Shouldn’t be long…

Judge Koh hasn’t yet seen the verdict form.

She wants a quick look at it first to check for any inconsistencies.

Apple and Samsung agree to take 10-15 minutes to review the document if inconsistencies are found.

Judge Koh won’t release the jury until everything is clear.

The jury is entering the room.

And so it begins…

Judge Koh has asked for the verdict to be read.

Time for Apple’s claims.

All Samsung devices infringe upon the 381 scrollback patent.

More Samsung devices are being listed as infringing upon other patents. Very hard to keep up with.

Most Samsung devices are infringing upon Apple’s software patents.

Samsung was apparently aware and willful on most of the patents.

Now they’re questioning whether or not Samsung was willful in their infringements.

Samsung Galaxy Tab  did not infringe on iPad design patent.

None were proven invalid by Samsung.

Only iPhone 3G trade dress is protectable. This whole thing isn’t looking good for Samsung.

Some of the Samsung phones did infringe. Some did not.

Samsung definitely did dilute on trade dress with several older phones.

No for the iPad trade dress.

Damages are $1, 051, 855, 000. 

Apple hasn’t infringed on any Samsung patents yet.

Apple doesn’t infringe on any of Samsung’s utility patents. Seems legit…

Apple didn’t prove they were invalid.

Absolutely no damages to Apple from Samsung.

Everything is going for Apple and against Samsung.

Samsung won nothing and Apple won the majority of their cases.

Both parties are reviewing the verdict form. We’ll keep you posted if anything else develops. So far, it looks like Apple got off clean and Samsung’s going to be digging very deep into their wallet.

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