Apple v. Samsung Patent Infringement Saga Continues – South Korean Court Rules on Korean Case

The Apple vs. Samsung case has been an ongoing media circus here in the US. However the battle between these two tech behemoths is truly an international one. In case you might have missed it, Apple and Samsung have been disputing over in Samsung’s native Korea. In that case a ruling has been made with the Seoul District Court now laying out a split decision for both parties involved. Essentially both Apple and Samsung have been found guilty of infringing on each others patents.

As part of the decision, Apple will no longer be allowed to offer their infringing products in South Korea that include the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 as well as the first two generations of the iPad. Something that shouldn’t bother Apple all that much, given how those devices are no longer for sale in South Korea anyway. In addition, Apple will be required to pay a sum of about $35,000 to Samsung.

While compared to their US case, this may sound like a small win for Samsung, but they are equally being found responsible. Samsung has been ordered to stop selling the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1 due to the infringement of Apple’s elastic scrolling patent. On a positive note however the court ruled that Samsung did not copy Apple’s designs or violate their trade dress. Like Apple, Samsung will have to fork over damages to the tune of about $22,000.

This isn’t likely to be the end of this case. Either side could file an appeal through the appeals court and continue the case, eventually leading the case all the way to the South Korean Supreme Court.  if they wanted to push it. DroidDog will continue to keep you updated on any further updates to the South Korean case as well as it’s US counterpart.

Wall Street Journal  via iMore

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