Apple vs. Samsung Trial – Jury to face a 700 Question Verdict Form

As the Apple vs. Samsung case approaches it’s end, details have emerged surrounding what the jury willing be dealing with. If you’re not a fan of paper waste then you’re going to love what the courts have in store. The verdict form, for the case, weighs in at 22 pages with 36 main questions. Each member of the jury will receive their own 22 page packet. While 36 questions doesn’t seem that strenuous for such a high-profile case, consider this, all the subsequent questions add up to the 700 mark.

The complicated nature behind this verdict form stems from a few things. First, not only does the jury need to decide whether or not Samsung did indeed infringe on Apple’s patents – they also need to do the same for Samsung Electronics America as well as Samsung Telecommunications. Following all of these determinations, then the jury needs to identify whether Samsung infringed on the 24 individual handsets discussed during the litigation. When you think of all of this work you start to feel for the jurors.

For example, one question listed on the form is: “For each of the following products, has Apple proven by a preponderance of the evidence that Samsung Electronics Co. (SEC), Samsung Electronics America (SEA), and/or Samsung Telecommunications America (STA) has infringed Claim 19 of the ’381 Patent?”.

Now, that’s a pretty mouthy sentence on its own. When you add in 57 parts as well to fill in below it, you have yourself a mini-SAT question in it’s own right. The form itself only gets more complicated and detailed from there. There are even questions that ask the jury for an “amount in dollars” Apple should be entitled to (not only for overall possible infringements but also down to how much for each individual handset).

The closing arguments of the case are set for tomorrow, and upon it’s completion, the jury are then free to deliberate on the outcome of the case. As to how long this process will take, is unknown, with people only able to estimate. With a mammoth task like this, the jury has their work cut out for them. The question begs to be asked if whether or not the complicated nature of the verdict form will actually come back to haunt either company. The outcome of this case is as high profile as it gets, as not only will it be a major point of interest to the tech world but to the press as a whole. It is almost unheard of that two rival tech giants (who also happen to work together quite a bit) engage in such an aggressive manner (legally of course).

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