Apple vs. Samsung Update: International Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, & Galaxy Ace Cut from Lawsuit Against Samsung

This afternoon, Apple rested its case against Samsung to Judge Lucy Koh.  Samsung was then allowed to plead it’s side, asking for a complete dismissal of the lawsuit.  While the motion was denied, Judge Koh did acquiesce slightly to their request: Galaxy S, Galaxy SII, and Galaxy Ace were taken off the chopping block.  While this is a victory for Samsung, it’s only a small one at that.  These phones are only safe if they are internationally sold:  “Apple can still pursue its claim on all other phones in the case as well as its claim against Samsung’s Korean parent company with regards to the Galaxy Ace and global variants of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones.  The ruling doesn’t apply to the U.S.-specific models of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, which represent the bulk of the Samsung sales at issue in the case”.

All in all, it doesn’t look good for Samsung.  Earlier today, we told you Judge Koh banned their key designer from testifying, with this latest it’s hard to remain optimistic. We’ll continue to update you as news breaks.


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