Apple’s trial win aids Samsung- Research shows increased Galaxy S3 sales following verdict

Samsung news hasn’t been very positive as of late, stemming back from the Korean company’s most recent defeat to Apple. Facing a recent $1 Billion verdict, Samsung was realigning its strategies to overcome such a setback. However it appears that the recent dogfight it has had against Apple has had a rather profound benefit.

According to Forbes , Samsung has since the trial verdict, seen an increase in Galaxy SIII sales. According to Trip Chowdhry who is the managing director of equity research at Global Equities Research, customers “rushed” to buy the Galaxy S III smartphone after the verdict was announced. In terms of specifics— Chowdhry used a sample of three Costco stores and found two of three Costco stores were completely sold out of the AT&T version of the smartphone. In addition, Chowdhry found that out of a sample of 5 AT&T stores, every store experienced “significant sales” of the smartphone and more importantly— outsold the Apple iPhone 4S.

As you may recall, it was only a few weeks ago, AT&T had given alleged instructions to sales reps to focus and try to sell alternatives to the iPhone. Never the less, these numbers provide exciting news for Samsung who now awaits another launch of one of its flagship devices, the Galaxy Note 2. In addition, these numbers are only going to increase with the release of additional color schemes for the Galaxy S3.



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