ARM’s Next Gen 8 Core Mali GPU’s Are The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

The Galaxy S II and S III contain ARM’s pride and joy, the Mali-400 GPU. Both have destroyed benchmarks at their times of release, the S III having a wildly overclocked version of the same GPU. However, ARM has a few new SoC’s under their sleeves, and they’re going to tease us. They’ve said that we should be seeing the quad-core T604 and octo-core T658 by the end of the year. These new chips will be using ARM’s newest Midgard architecture (and not a Skyrim hold).

However, just to make us drool more, they have announced what is the generation after the next, the quad-core T624, and the octo-core T628 and T678. None of us can fathom how insanely powerful they will be.

These GPUs promise to deliver at least a 50% boost in performance for the same silicon size and power draw. They will be able to push console-class graphics, up to 8K video resolutions, and the fabled 60 FPS UI interactions (though the Mali-400 was pretty damn great at that). Another improvement is that ARM has dedicated 2% of the silicon to running a graphical compression codec. ARM has stated that there is a massive fragmentation between texture compression codecs, forcing developers to choose between different codecs for different devices. Their new codec, Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression, is aimed at stopping this fragmentation. It will be able to support all types of textures, color standards, and bit rates. This will make a developers job a lot easier, so we hope it’ll catch on. Knowing how ARM destroys the competition, I can’t wait for these chips to be released. I’d give an ARM AND A LEG for them! Yeah? No? Ok.


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