AT&T One X Now Receiving Update To Android 4.0.4 But It Might Not Be For Rooted Users

The HTC One X is a great phone and now AT&T and HTC are trying to make sure that you get an even better experience from it by updating it to Android 4.0.4.  But before you hit that download button, you might want to wait a second as some are beginning to say that it blocks known root exploits. The reason that this is such a big deal is because AT&T and HTC don’t offer an unlockable bootloader for this device so exploits are the only way to get root access. If you’re currently rooted or are thinking about rooting then you might want to abstain from this update until some hackers and such can take a closer look. If you don’t have a care in the world about rooting then by all means, go right ahead and download the update. Have any of our AT&T One X readers received the updates yet?

Android Central

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