Beats Might Be Getting Geared Up To Release Its Own Smartphone, TV, And iTunes-Like Service

An interesting bit of news has cropped up today from BGR as they are reporting that Beats is preparing to release it’s own smartphone, TV, and a music service that will be designed to compete head-to-head with iTunes. According to the report, Beats will team up with partner company, HTC, to create an Android powered smartphone with a custom Beats UI to make it “a truly Beats phone”.

There was also the aforementioned TV which is said to be a partnership with a company, possibly Samsung, to create a “TV with Beats Connect” and is meant to be a competitor to things such as the Apple TV and it’s AirPlay feature. It’s said to be able to work with the phone and the rumored Beats competitor to iTunes.

Speaking of that new service, it’s apparently codenamed “Daisy” and will be something to compete with the success of Apple’s iTunes. One thing that differs though is that it’s reported that it will have a subscription based model for streaming and you can bet that Beats will definitely be able to get record labels on board.

There are a lot of statements contained in this rumor so if you guys are a bit skeptical of it, that’s fine. On the other hand, this doesn’t sound too far-fetched. HTC is still a large partner with Beats and a smartphone wouldn’t be too surprising considering that HTC has already worked on phones with Beats. The TV seems rather unlikely but it could happen and probably the most likely of the rumors is the streaming music service which sounds likely to happen. What are you guys’ thoughts on all of these rumors?


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