Black Samsung Galaxy S3 Appears on T-Mobile Site

For a device that has yet to be officially announced, the existence of a  Black Samsung Galaxy S3 has become more of a reality, now with US Carrier T-Mobile essentially confirming the phone via it’s site. Hints of the darker shade of the Galaxy SIII were shown in Germany back in June, yet people were still skeptical. Then Samsung had displayed photos of the Black device on it’s Facebook page. Last week, TMoNews had speculated on the phone’s existence. Then as we reported a few days ago, a UK retailer officially started taking orders for the device, which is said to be availble in next 4 -6 weeks. 

On the T-Mobile site, the phone is displayed by a black and very glossy image of the flagship rotating on a lofty pedestal. Check out the source link below for the T-Mobile page. Now are the other US carriers going to follow suit?



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