Challenge: Can the Nexus 7 Serve as a Laptop Replacement?

So I’ll be upfront here, I’m in love with my Nexus 7. I have repeatedly said “if I could go all-in with a tablet, this would be it.” That got me thinking. Is it really possible to do everything from a tablet? Many say it’s not possible. Others say they don’t have enough to do on a laptop so a tablet is all they need. I’m going to put myself to the test and attempt to go two full weeks without using my laptop. That’s right, the Nexus 7 is going to become my daily driver, the one-and-only device powering my life. That is, besides my phone of course.

To add to the excitement, I am a full-time student at a large university. Classes will  begin very soon. We will see how the tablet stands up to the inevitable essays and note-taking that comes with college lectures.

Essentially, this challenge is to test the capabilities of Android, Jelly Bean and tablets in general. I can tell you I’m already nervous about this one. It should be interesting to see if Android or mobile tech in general is capable of being a full-time driver.

I’ll be posting updates periodically throughout the week to keep everybody posted on the challenge’s progress, my thoughts, hardships, methods and even breakthroughs I’m may have with the device. As Google would say, “the playground is open.”

Let’s do this.

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