ClipSync: Seamless Copy And Paste Between Devices

I’m an avid user of the Google Chrome browser extension and app Chrome to Phone.  I love being able to send links, text, numbers, whatever from my computer to my Epic 4G Touch.  The other day, I was thinking it would be super handy if I could do the same sort of thing between my Nexus 7 and my phone.  The thought passed, or I got distracted by something because I’m ADD and I never pursued a method to do it.  Then this weekend I found ClipSync.  Similar to Chrome to Phone, it’s an app/computer application combo.  On your computer (currently it only works for Windows but the developer is working on operating systems) a server is installed, so that when text is copied on any of your devices, the text is on the clipboard for any of your devices on the server.  It’s insane to me how simple and intuitive this app is.  I can’t believe it’s taken this long for someone to come up with this functionality.  Kudos to the developer Jules Colie for dreaming this up and figuring it out.

As far as using Clipsync goes, and copying text between your devices, you currently need to have all your devices on the same WiFi network.  I was a little bummed to find out that it will not currently work over 3G/4G, but that capability is coming in the future with a Pro version.  The only other catch is that you have to have your computer on, with the ClipSync server running for this to work.  So my dream of just being able to copy text easily back and forth between my tablet and phone has mostly come true, but there will be situations were it’s just not going to work currently like when I’m tethering from my phone or just don’t have my laptop on.  Regardless, the copying between devices and computers is super intuitive like a earlier stated.  Going from the computer to your phone, select the text and hit crtl-c, or right click and copy the selected text, then long press in the field on your device to paste.  For the reverse, long press and select the text and hit copy on your Android device, and then simply ctrl-v or right click and paste on your computer.  It’s seamless, as it should be.  Setup for Clipsync on the computer and phone was aslo really simple.  Hopefully you feel like i’m impressed by this app, because I am.  I’m excited to watch it develop and become even more functional, even if I have to pay for it.

So, some really cool functionality coming to our Android devices.  I’ll be impatiently waiting for the Pro version.  Below is a video made by the developer demonstrating how this app can be pretty handy in a hairy situation like needing to save the world.  What do you guys think of this app/program combo?  Is it exciting to you to?  Been looking for something like this?  Or you already have another easy way to transfer information back and forth between your devices?  Let us know by commenting below…

XDA Developers | ClipSync @ Google Play Store

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