Dolphin Browser Beta (With New Dolphin Engine) Now On Play Store

Dolphin is working on their newest browser, powered by a custom engine called the Dolphin Engine (what did you expect?). This browser has been available for a while as a beta, but now it’s hit the Play Store for anyone to easily download.

This browser promises 5-10x faster browsing than the stock Android browser, and at times a 100% boost over Chrome. Not always, just at times, you know? I don’t, but let’s just play along.

While those numbers seem crazy, the browser is actually really speedy. From personal use, I can tell you that it performs well. Maybe not much faster than Samsung’s modified stock browser (on my Galaxy S II), but often faster than Chrome. It’s also pretty smooth. Win win, right?

If you want it, download it at the source link. It’s free, try it! Tell us what you guys think in the comments.

Play Store: Dolphin Browser Beta | Android Police

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