Drag Race Scratch Test Is A Unique Way To Test Phone Durability

Everyone has seen drop tests. They’re simple and show the effects of the average drop. It’s what people do, drop phones from about the same height. But there aren’t enough drop tests to show how durable a phone is for the extreme individual. In that case, what do said extreme individuals do? Conduct their own drop tests, in unique ways.

This is the Drag Race Scratch Test. Not really a drag race, but hilarious and just so cool. The man (not sure why he’s talking so fast, but I already like him) attaches the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S III to the back of Jeff’s car using string and gorilla tape, and they drive around (including taking corners).

Was it a useful test? Somewhat. It showed that even with the tapered edges on the S III glass (which makes it a lot less durable than the S II, with a bezel), it’s still more resilient to damage than the iPhone 4S. But that’s like comparing apples and oranges (because apples are obviously more fragile).

But was it a fun test? Yes! The test, plus the guys frantic talking, made this video pretty damn funny. I see no reason not to love it.


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