Editorial: Apple’s Win Against Samsung Isn’t as Bad as it Sounds

Samsung lost to Apple. Yes, we all know by this point. Tech sites everywhere have blown up with the news. Samsung owes Apple $1.05 Billion for its infringements (which were ruled willful). And on every articles the comments are the same: “…this is the end for Samsung and Android,” “Guess that’s the end of unlocked bootloaders,” or my personal favorite “I’m gonna have to buy a new phone now…” I apologize for being blunt here, but these are almost completely untrue.

For starters, nobody, I repeat, nobody is going to come to your house in your sleep and beat you until you give up your precious Galaxy S II. Your phone is yours. Apple CANNOT come take your phone from you. It’s yours to keep. Heck, enjoy the fact that you now have a “rogue” phone, you rebel, you. Apple received it’s ruling in reference to many phones, but the worst that could happen is that the phones could not be sold in stores anymore. Remember the Galaxy Nexus injunction? If Samsung loses its appeal, it’ll be similar to then. No phones are taken from you. You just simply won’t be able to get one anymore.

Another big one: the Galaxy S III. This phone is not going anywhere. In fact, the S III wasn’t even in the running for any of these infringements. Samsung’s new best-selling baby is still in the clear. So relax. Samsung is still making money, even with this ruling. Samsung released a statement revealing it sold over 10 million S IIIs. This is a major profit for them. Although I don’t believe that Samsung should have lost, it could have been much worse for them. Remember, Apple asked for $2.5 billion. Suddenly, $1.05 doesn’t seem so bad. Also, Samsung is involved in much more than cell phones. They are involved in much more than just computers as well. Samsung has much more income coming from many more places. Don’t worry, they can handle it.

Moving forward, Samsung has already begun differentiating itself from Apple and the competition. The S III is nothing like the iPhone 4s. Most software patents have been avoided with updates and simple Android/Touchwiz improvements. The Galaxy Note has nothing that Apple can really sue over. These are Samsung’s best-selling devices. They have created a spot at the top for themselves. Losing this doesn’t mean they are going anywhere. Whatever Samsung releases next will (more than likely) shoot to the top as well.

This whole patent war is awful, I agree. But this is far from over. Samsung will appeal and who knows what will happen then. For now, it is what it is. But it’s not the end of the world or Samsung. It’s a strange ruling, sure. But it’s not an end-all. Android and Samsung will continue on as they have been, because Samsung has made more of a splash with it’s differentiated S III than anything else. So, going forward, things will hopefully improve. You never now, maybe Samsung will start adopting a more stock experience. Probably not, but a man can dream right?

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