Editorial: Tablets Have Become Essential To My Daily Life

This time last year, I was a completely tablet person. I owned a first-gen iPad, and while I did own a decent desktop computer, the iPad was my main means for accessing the internet. I had everything I needed, apps, email, great web browsing, all in an incredibly portable package. The battery life was phenomenal, and I rarely had to charge it. Eventually I ended up buying a laptop (for this job, actually), and my iPad was neglected.

I ended up selling it, actually breaking even on what I bought it for. I even purchased a TouchPad after selling the iPad, but all hope was lost. A tablet had no purpose in my life, and was neglected. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that all I needed was a more portable laptop, and purchased a MacBook Air. As it turns out, that’s not the perfect solution for me.

I purchased a Nexus 7, not too long after launch. It was more or less to see what Jelly Bean could do, and $200 wasn’t too bad of a price point. After a few days of use, I really began to love the device. The 7-inch form factor was perfect, as it was enough of a difference between my phone and my laptop. It can be fit in most pockets, and that has proven very, very useful. Everything from email to games can be done, and it’s the perfect intermediate device between a smartphone and a computer.

Now, I’m sure many of you are thinking “that’s the point dummy!”, but in the eyes of many, the tablet is just an extra device. A device that is completely unnecessary, something people can get by in life without. A luxury, nothing more. And for a long, long time, I held that same belief.

After using the Nexus 7, I believe that the tablet is becoming a necessary part of my life.

Everyday since I purchased it, I have used it for purposes that I kept to my computer. And I made the realization: a tablet is now something essential to my daily grind. Not just this job, not just for checking email, but for the simplicity of just about any internet-related task. In some cases, an app looks and works better than its web counterpart, and if not, Chrome for Android is about as close as it gets to a full web browsing experience.

In the near future, I will be keeping a tablet with me at all times. Apple’s iPad (mainly iBooks) has my attention, if only for the upcoming school year. Even then, I find that the Nexus 7 is just the perfect size. The launch of the Tab 2 7.0 also has me interested, with the always-on perk of a cellular radio.

At the end of the day, the tablet has really become an important device in my life, not just another toy on my desk. Now, I’d like to know, what do you use your tablet for? Is it an essential part of your daily grind?


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