Ex-Motorola Executive claims working with Google became harder after acquisition

When Google had acquired Motorola Mobility, the move sent shock waves throughout the tech and mobile industry. Initially rumors circulated around whether this meant Google was going to follow in suit of Apple and manufacture their own phones without a vendor partnership. Even manufacturers like Samsung and HTC were curious as to how this move impacted them, fearful that the move would entail Google giving special treatment to Motorola.

Google has stated many times that their acquisiton of Motorola Mobility would not change their stance with their vendor partners. Google even went as far as to keep Motorola Mobility a separate entity from the Google inner-circle. Well recent testiomy from an ex-Motorola employee even further cements this theory. According to the New York Times: “A Motorola Mobility executive who recently left the company and would speak only on the condition of anonymity because he was uncomfortable talking to the news media, said that if anything, it had become more difficult than before for Motorola to have impromptu collaboration with the Android team. This is of course due to Google not wanting to give the impression that they were giving Motorola “preferable treatment”. Google has of course been very cautious to not upset their partners who have helped them in making Android the top selling mobile OS.

Rumors continue to circulate that Motorola could end up producing the next Nexus device. The question is, if Motorola does present the best concept for a Nexus device, would Google circumvent them just in order to put their Android partners at ease without releasing a product that has the potential to be the best Nexus yet?

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