Facebook For Android Updated, Adds New Event Creation Look, Share Photos Faster

Facebook users, be on the lookout for a small, but semi-important update hitting your Android devices. This new revision of Facebook’s Android app now allows users to easily create events from their smartphones, share photos faster and add emoji icons to their posts ala iOS.

The update does require manual update permission since version 1.9.8 will require access to your location via network-based methods. If you’re already ok with Facebook knowing exactly where you are at any given moment, this won’t be much of a problem.

As for the new photo uploads, this update brings the ability to upload multiple photos within Facebook messages as well as your photo area on Facebook. Event creation is quicker, faster and reminds us all why  — well it just makes event creation easier.

A pretty basic upgrade, but if you really into Facebook events or photo uploads, you’ll want to grab this right away.

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