Facebook Forces Their Devs To Use Facebook For Android For Themselves

Everyone knows that Facebook for Android sucks, pretty bad. It’s slow, sometimes unusable. Not a good experience considering a massive amount of Facebook’s traffic is from mobile devices. The app is so bad, people use the mobile site instead. And that means something is seriously wrong.

Well Facebook understands that, and is now forcing the Android app developers to use Android phones instead of their iOS devices and actually use the Facebook app they so badly created. And those developers deserve to suffer. They need to know our pain. Hopefully this will inspire them to make an app that works well, kinda like the one that was released for iOS today. We’ve already heard that the new update makes the app fast and very usable.

We still have a bit of hope for this app, even when things are so bleak. Facebook is doing the right thing though, and it happens to be quite funny at the same time. So let’s see where this leads.


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