Featured App Friday, This Week’s App: Perfectly Clear For Android

Another week is upon us and that means another segment of Featured App Friday. A new app has just hit the market called Perfectly Clear. You might recognize the title as it’s a popular piece of photo editing software on PC, Mac, and iOS and it’s now hit Android. Read on for my full thoughts and impressions!


In the aesthetics department, Perfectly Clear scores fairly high. The app is pretty enough and doesn’t look like something from an old version of Android. In fact, it doesn’t look like it’s from Android at all. This is one of those apps that you’ll find that’s good looking and well designed but it looks like a complete port from iOS. I really wish that Athentech had put some more time into the design and made it fit the Holo theme found in Android 4.0 and above. It’s disappointing because it has great potential to look fantastic but they just kept their previous design and mashed it into their Android app. Getting back to the functionality of the design though, it’s mostly easy to use but could be just a tad more intuitive at times. Such as with manual editing options, there’s a sliding bar that contains them but you might not even realize that its there unless you’re looking for it or stumble upon it by accident. Another example of impractical design would be the way that you select photos to be edited. Of course, you can just click on one to edit it but to select multiple, you have to go through the finnicky process of dragging them into the bottom bar. I found that the way it was implemented made it rather hit or miss to get more pictures into the bottom bar. At times they would move perfectly and accurately and at other times the would plain and simple refuse to go to the bottom bar. Then again, the app is very new and still probably has some bugs to get worked out of the system.


The app is smooth running most of the time but at times it can randomly freeze up or get very choppy. These are most likely the same kinds of bugs as I found in the aesthetics department but they are a bit of an annoyance nonetheless. Scrolling through all of your photos is often surprisingly smooth without hiccups. This took me aback a little as scrolling through lots of high-quality photos usually results in frame rate drops and choppiness but Perfectly Clear performed flawlessly. Another area that was very responsive was editing times where it generally only took a few seconds for a full edit to take place. Manual editing was usually instantaneous in its results. As I said before, performance was great when it didn’t randomly freeze up.


When I first tried the app, I was stunned at the results that it gave me. Most photo editing apps for mobile are cheap little things that you have to constantly tweak manually to get a good result. Perfectly Clear often gave me great results with just a normal fix. That said, the initial love kind of went away as I edited more photos. If a photo was already fairly bright then the app doesn’t do much. For instance, I tried to edit a picture of snow while it was bright outside and the result was just a washed out picture with the whites way overexposed. I tended to get better results when I used a dim or dark picture as it would greatly increase the quality. If you’re not doing anything too intense then it should be fine but beware of overexposing already bright photos as the auto fix will do that.


I’m going to rate Perfectly Clear a bit generously seeing as it was just released and most likely has a lot of bugs to get out of the system still. It’s a great app for simple photo editing and runs smoothly most of the time besides the occasional freeze up. The app also looks great but unfortunately lacks any sense of the Android 4.0 design scheme. A Holo themed app would have been nice and probably would have made it seem much more enjoyable but sadly it just mimics an iOS app. Editing quality generally turned out nice but the auto settings tend to overexpose whites and other bright things in the picture so you may have to do some manual editing on bright pictures. Luckily, the app is also at a bargain introductory price of just $0.99 so it’s a bit of a steal. If you’re in the market for a photo editing app right now then I highly recommend this. Especially at the discount price.

Rating – 7.5/10

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