First Look At Waterfield Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case [Video]

Today we’re taking our first look at the Smart Case by Waterfield Designs for the Google Nexus 7.  Last week, I did a review of a different Nexus 7 with smart functionality.  The case would actually wake up and put the Nexus 7 to sleep by opening and closing it.  This case however, I have no idea why it’s name is Smart Case, but I have some ideas…

Waterfield Designs products are known for simplicity and quality.  Those same words are the same to words I would use to describe this Smart Case, simple and high quality.  This case isn’t going to work as a kickstand.  It’s not going to wake up my Nexus 7.  Heck, I can’t even use my Nexus 7 while it’s in the case.  However, the materials used for this bag are very nice, well thought out materials.  It has a Ultrasuade scratch free liner, so you don’t need to worry about your Nexus 7 screen when sliding in and out, and high-impact multi-layered padding waiting patiently to protect your 7″ Google tablet in a fall.  The sleeve style case is made to fit your Nexus 7 perfectly.  You’ll see in the video, it does.  It’s a snug fit, and the more I use the case, I feel like it’s a perfect fit.  It’s tight enough that the tablet wont fall out if held upside down, yet not too tight that it’s impossible to come out.  The Smart Case also has a pocket to hold whatever goodies you mean to carry around with you and your Nexus 7.  This feature I don’t know if I’ll use that much.  However, if I ever carry around my wall charger or micro USB cable with me, like when I’m traveling, the pocket sound super useful.

So why is this case the Smart Case?  Maybe because this case was smartly put together.  No external stitching with the case so it looks beautiful.  The Nexus 7 fits as snug as a bug in this case.  It’s well thought out.  I think because of the materials used and the build quality, I’m sure this case is going to out live my Nexus 7.  It’ll probably out live my next tablet, and the tablet after that.  I’ll probably be passing this case onto my grandkids.

As I stated earlier, Waterfield Designs are known for their simplicity and quality, but it comes with a price.  The case is available for order now.  This simple sleeve case will set you back $59 plus shipping.  That may sound like a lot when we’re talking about covering up and protecting something less than four times the price of the case, but often you get what you pay for.  So if you pay for a Waterfield Designs Smart Case, not only do you get a lifetime limited warranty, but a case that will probably never need it.  The case comes in 6 different colors: black, copper, flame, green, pearl, and pine.  Waterfield Designs also offers 6 other bags/cases in addition to the Smart case around the same price point (and I would assume the same quality) if you’re looking for something a little different.

So how do I feel about it?  No matter the price, the Smart Case isn’t the kind of case I would be on the market for right now.  This is a sleeve style case, and when I take out my Nexus 7 to use it, it’s no longer protected by the case.  However, if you’re in the market for a sleeve style case, or you’re someone who prefers a naked tablet and needs something to carry your Nexus 7 in your backpack, this case is for you.  I don’t think cases get higher quality than this.  Check out the video below.  Please let us know your thoughts about the bag by commenting below.  Do you have one?  Are you going to order one?  Way too pricey?  Let us know…

Waterfield Designs Nexus 7 Cases


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