Fleksy Keyboard, From Creators Of BlindType, May Be Magic

BlindType never made it, due to being bought by Google and integrated into Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard. While the implementation was good, and ICS keyboard turned out great, the autocorrect wasn’t quite as good as BlindType showed off.

Well it might be getting a second shot at big time, with the release of Fleksy. It’s a keyboard made for blind or partially sighted people, but everyone can use it and benefit from its great autocorrect. No matter how many letters you miss while typing, it’ll guess the word you want. No, we have no clue how it works. It also has the nifty feature to hide the keyboard completely. You type on empty space like there was a keyboard there, so the keyboard wastes no space.

This keyboard is already available for iOS, and will hopefully be available for Android soon. Now we play the waiting game. So what do you guys think of this keyboard? Interesting or too good to be true? Tell us in the comments!


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