For new upcoming Kindle Fire 2 – Amazon opts to use Nokia Maps instead of Google Maps

At its Worldwide Developer Conference in June, Apple announced it was moving to its own mapping solution in lieu of Google Maps —a platform the company has used since 2007. Now according to a report by Reuters this evening, Amazon looks to make a similar move for its upcoming 2nd generation Kindle Fire. Moving away from Google Maps, Amazon will reportedly team with Nokia to offer maps on the tablet.

Amazon is expected to introduce the second-generation Kindle Fire at its event next week. It is rumored to feature a GPS chip that will make mapping capabilities possible, thus making sense for a partnership. We assume Amazon ditched the idea of Google because of Mountain View’s direct competition in the market. Google offers a $199 Nexus 7 tablet, priced competitively with the Kindle Fire. What makes this decision a little odd is that the Kindle Fire is a custom version of Android, so leaving Google Maps out is a bit surprising. However, business is business and Amazon clearly is looking to develop its own system –  a system that has it’s own ecosystem with its own market, media options, and now its own differentiating features.

Stay tuned to DroidDog for further information as we approach next week’s product announcement.

Reuters via Yahoo Finance

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