Gameloft Posts Picture Of Their First Game With The Unreal Engine

One of the most popular game engines out there is the Unreal Engine and it’s powered plenty of big name games like Bioshock and the Mass Effect series. It’s quite versatile and packs quite a punch when it comes to building games. Gameloft is taking advantage of the engine and planning to build their first mobile games using the engine soon. They posted the picture above with the caption, “The story of Gameloft’s 1st Unreal Game will soon be revealed, the hint is hidden in the artwork above, can you find it?” After that, users are given a choice of whether they want to unlock the YouTube trailer or the game art next. I’m honestly not sure what the game will be but it certainly looks violent and if the artwork is any indicator at all of graphics then it should be pretty good. Give your best guesses for the game in the comments below.

Droid Life

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