Gameloft Reveals Plans to Launch MOBA Game Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos is a MOBA spin-off of the popular World of Warcraft MMORPG.  Today, Gameloft announced that Android and iOS users alike will have access to this latest project on October 11th.  According to IGN, “Like previous MOBA hits, the multiplayer-centric gameplay (single player bots are also an option) pits teams of three or five unique heroes against one another as they attempt to push into and destroy the enemy’s base. The symmetrical arena will be familiar to MOBA players. It features three major lanes, a river running through the middle and all the expected landmarks.”

Fans of Defense of the Ancients and Leagues of Legends are sure to enjoy this upcoming release.  Hesitant about what it will be like to play without a mouse and keyboard?  “Gameloft has included a few clever control options to help make up for the lack of a keyboard & mouse. You can toggle on an auto-attack option, locking your hero onto the current target. This allows you to move freely, pop into the minimap or perform other actions without sacrificing DPS. Your hero will automatically target an in-range enemy, but players can manually select a target by tapping on them or via a switch-target button nestled next to Attack for those that don’t want their hand getting in the way of the action.”



image via IGN

Android Central

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