German Retailer Hints at Nexus 7 European Release on September 3rd

German site AndroidNext has done some investigative work and believes that they have uncovered key information pertaining to the Nexus 7′s launch in continental Europe. After an initial, and perhaps, accidental lead hinted at the Saturn store in Berlin carrying the Nexus slate soon, AndroidNext quickly was able to gather a confirmation that the Nexus 7 would indeed hit the retailer’s shelves on September 3rd. Although pricing hasn’t been finalized, the retailer has listed the 16GB option, in Brown, and has it listed internally at 249 euro. It is not currently known if the $25 Google Play store credit will also be given to Europeans adopters of the Nexus 7 much like their U.S. counterparts.

This news comes by way of store reps at the flagship Saturn store, and without the official seal of approval from Google or ASUS, this information should still be taken as a rumor. It should be pointed out, however, that the timing of the release and it’s proximity to IFA, gives this rumor some legs. For those not in the know – IFA is a global tech show held in Berlin during the first week of September. It certainly seems like a great opportunity for Google to announce the tablet’s European release at the event.

AndroidNext via Phandroid

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