Google Displays Rare Nexus 7 Ad on its Homepage

Google is serious about it’s Nexus 7. So serious that it is advertising the product on its main search page which typically is left clean and without an obstruction. This is something that is as rare as it is surprising (the last time Google advertised one of it’s big devices was – back in 2008 with the T-Mobile G1). The short animation appears below the search bar and tells searchers that” The Playground is open – The new $199 tablet from Google”.

The $199 7-inch tablet was announced at Google I/O in June, and it went on sale last month. While Google has not published sales numbers, many reports claim it is a big hit for the Android platform. Yesterday, as we reported Google expanded Nexus 7 sales to France, Germany, and Spain with expected international sales regions to expand soon.

It will be interesting to see how hard Google pushes the Nexus 7 in the face of an almost-certain iPad Mini that Apple is expected to launch in time for the holidays. So far, studies have indicated that consumers prefer the Nexus 7 ads to Google’s competition never the less.

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