Google Launches Android Blog Instead Of Mixing Android News Into Google Mobile

Always wanted a place to go for official Android news (are we not good enough for you?!), but didn’t want to sift through Google Mobile? Great news for you, Google has decided to break Android off from the Google Mobile blog and make its own blog! The team said:

A few months ago, we asked what content you wanted to see more of on the Google Mobile Blog, and the answer was quite clear: more Android! We launched +Android on Google+ and now we’ve launched the Official Android Blog, a new place for you to find all the latest news from the Android team.

Going forward, the new Android Blog will be a must-read for anyone interested in the latest news like today’s Google Wallet announcement. Thanks for being such a great audience over the years.

Hit the source link to go to the blog! And for a little surprise, wave your cursor over the big Android at the top.

Official Android Blog | The Next Web

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