Google Launches AOSP Support For Sony Xperia S

Google’s Jean-Baptiste Queru, who serves as prominent leader of the AOSP development team, began “an experiment” with the Sony Xperia S this week. The experiment is any developer’s dream come true. Google intends to work directly with the developer community to support the Xperia S through the AOSP in a way that’s similar to how Google works with Nexus devices.

For a new challenge, I’d like to try to go one step further, and to target some hardware beyond the usual categories. I’ve added a git project for the Sony LT26, i.e. Xperia S. This seems like a good target: it’s a powerful current GSM device, with an unlockable bootloader, from a manufacturer that has always been very friendly to AOSP. 

The project is at a very early stage, but the idea that any handset could be added to the AOSP will sit well with the developer community. However, Google chose Sony for a reason. The Japanese company has been among the most open of Android OEMS, as it has provided preview builds of software updates and even shipped its phones with unlocked bootloaders.

There’s no word on whether the project will expand to other devices in the near future, but it appears that the AOSP is rewarding manufacturers who choose to create open hardware.


Google AOSP

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