Google Mobile Search Gets Updated, Brings Popular Card Interface To Your Mobile Browser

Since the release of Android 4.1, the folks from Mountain View have continued to iterate on their entirely-new informative Google Now “platform”. The card-like interface that is seen within the new Google Search and Google Now apps on Jelly Bean is now transitioning into the company’s other mobile offerings.

Today, popular “interactive answer” cards will be available at the top of mobile search queries through Google’s search app, or any mobile browser. Currently, a variety of queries are supported, including flight numbers, weather, finance, currency conversion, unit conversion, dictionary definitions, local time look-up, as well as holiday and sunrise times. This information is provided with the same interactive functionality, meaning users can still access things like the weather-slider to view specific weather based on certain times of the day, or unit conversion boxes to change currencies and measurements.

There’s no doubt that Google is attempting to revolutionize the way we receive and interact with data, and who’s a better company to it? You can check out all the new Google mobile search features by accessing your Google Search app or heading to Google in any mobile browser. And yes, even iOS is supported.

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