Google Opening Its Wallet app to IDs, Loyalty Cards, and Third-party passes

Google Wallet has been the only mobile payment solution to take off thus far. A slew of carriers are said to be working on their own mobile payment solution called ISIS, which could add some competition to Google’s dominance. However, even with Google’s stronghold, the adoption of the payment service looks to be slow. With Apple’s upcoming entrance into the mobile payment market, Google may be looking to step up its game. Afterall Apple’s solution is said to be a “game changer” by industry pundits.

During a Q&A session hosted on YouTube yesterday, Robin Dua, head of project management for Google Wallet, rattled off some new features that the platform could potentially feature soon.  Going beyond just paying for an item, Dua said he hopes Google Wallet gains the ability to store gift cards, travel itinerary, receipts, tickets and more—replacing the need for a physical wallet. Google Wallet currently allows you to pay for items, with the help of all major credit cards and store loyalty cards. The features Dua rattled off this afternoon certainly remind me of something in particular.

As MobileBurn first discovered, the move echoes Microsoft and Apple, which have both detailed plans to introduce a centralized payments hub with their next OS iterations. Microsoft is introducing a new Wallet hub with Windows Phone 8, while Apple announced it’s Passbook app when it unveiled iOS 6. Google wants to expand its mobile payments experience even further by adding geo-targeting, which would automatically load the relevant tickets or passes when you reach a location, and also facilitating peer-to-peer payments. Of course, Dua didn’t give a specific date for all the new features to roll out, but with the potential for a new Nexus device just around the corner, it might be sooner, rather than later.

Youtube via MobileBurn

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