Google Planning To Layoff 20% Of Motorola’s Workforce

According to a brand new report this morning via the New York Times, Motorola Mobility, purchased by Google last May will layoff 20 percent of its workforce and close a third of its 94 offices around the world. The cuts are said to be Google’s first steps in reinventing Motorola and boosting up its Android mobile business.

One-third of the 4,000 lost jobs will be here in the United States, with the company planning to leave unprofitable markets and stop releasing low-end devices. Motorola, like HTC has said that they will turn their focus to a few cellphones and not dozens, according to comments from Motorola’s new CEO, Dennis Woodside.

“We’re excited about the smartphone business,” said Mr. Woodside, who previously led Google’s sales and operations for the Americas. “The Google business is built on a wired model, and as the world moves to a pretty much completely wireless model over time, it’s really going to be important for Google to understand everything about the mobile consumer.”

Motorola introduced 27 new handsets in 2011, and this year Mr. Woodside plans to introduce just a few with differentiating factors such as sensors that recognize who is in a room based on their voices, cameras that take crisper photos and batteries that last for days.

Mr. Woodside also emphasized that Google would continue to benefit from multiple manufacturers on the Android platform and that Motorola will “compete equally” with others to build Google-branded Nexus devices.

For the moment, it appears as though Google is standing by their word that Motorola won’t receive any special treatment as anonymous sources said that if anything, it was now more difficult for Motorola teams to meet and collaborate with the Android team.

I’d love to see Motorola make every phone with a RAZR MAXX like battery, that would be one differentiating factor we can all agree on.

New York Times

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