Google Play Store Gift Cards Official

We knew about Google Play gift cards for a while, with evidence in the Play Store APK and the actual cards being found in Target inventory, but Google has just made them official. Their official page is live now, explaining their new system. Not only that, but they also put up a support page for the gift cards. It’s all official now.

The gift cards will be coming to Radio Shack, Target (where they were seen many times), and GameStop. Walmart will also be selling them soon, so hang in there. Also, the pages state that your Play Store balance cannot be combined with other forms of payment. So if you have a bit of money left over, but it isn’t enough for an app, you’d need to buy another card. Definitely not surprising.

So it’s all official, public, and ready to be used. How many of you will be buying gift cards for yourself or others? Tell us in the comments, we are interested to know!

Android Police

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